Join us every second Tuesday for another Snail Social!

Snail Social

What are they?

Snail Socials are roaming happy hours, hosted at a different “Snail of Approval” restaurant, on the second Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm.

Snail Socials…

  • Promote and support chefs and businesses that support the slow food ethos by sourcing locally and sustainably, and offer consciously crafted foods that follow in the Slow Food way- good, clean, and fair.
  • Drive new business to Snail of Approval restaurants, introducing Slow Food followers to new places, and offering guests the opportunity to meet chefs, taste specialties, and develop relationships with establishments that work with the community and serve good, clean, fair food and drink.
  • Bring together chefs, farmers, producers, diners, and slow food supporters to network in a fun, social atmosphere, while eating and drinking delicious offerings made in the Slow Food way.
  • Provide the opportunity for board members to share the Slow Food mission and vision with new, interested people, and for new followers to ask questions and learn, growing the Slow Food Miami community and membership.
  • Increase media attention for Slow Food Approved restaurants, farms, and producers.

Snail Socials are free to attend. 

Each chef creates their own unique “run of show.” Many chefs offer complimentary appetizers, and/or discounted appetizers and dinner offerings should guests choose to stay to dine. Some chefs provide garden tours and, others, a free demo or cooking lesson. Food and beverage specials are always offered which reflect the Slow Food ethos. Thank you to Stellar Wines for often providing complimentary glasses of wine to attending guests. Snail Socials are always social in nature, and a great way to taste new restaurant offerings, get to know more about Slow Food, and support chefs and producers who demonstrate a commitment to local and sustainable sourcing, and good, clean, fair food. 

Past Snail Social locations include: Vagabond, The Federal, Edge, Essensia, Della, Apeiro, Redlander & Miami Brewing Company in collaboration with Teena’s Pride, Basil Park, and the Cafe at Books and Books. Watch on Facebook and our website for more info on upcoming Snail Socials.