Vegan lovers rejoice, Artichoke Foods is here.

Maria Alemann is an inspired local with one mission: to provide busy working people with excellent vegan, organic food.

Artichoke Foods is a tasty concept offering meal plans and catering. When they aren’t busy stocking Miami vegans with their meals for the week, they can be found at Pinecrest Food Market every Sunday and at Miami Flea once a month, where they are the only fully vegan, organic vendor onsite.

“The inspiration behind my menu is the mix of ethnicities that run in my blood, from French, Spanish, Swiss-German to Native South America blood. I’m just the result of a mixture of cultures and that’s what I intent to represent,” says Maria Alemann.

Alemann, like many of us in Miami, is a fusion baby of worldly cultures that spilled into her kitchen and onto her plate as a child. She enjoyed big, Italian-style family dinners filled with hearty food, the type of dishes that go down well with a bottle of wine and vivid conversation.

This is at the core of Artichoke Foods offering, recipes based of delicious comfort food sans meat. They are the same recipes she ate and cooked before she herself was a vegan. Alemann has spent the past few years converting them into vegan meals without sacrificing the heartiness, texture or taste.

She giggles recounting her days as an office manager of a steakhouse as the ironic setting of where she would became a vegan. The chef is breezy in her tone. She’s appreciative to the restaurant, there’s no horror story or resentment for making the choice to go meatless.

“I appreciate everything that happened in my life to reach this point,” she says. It’s a simple philosophy of gratitude extended to her recipes, which regulars flock to order on a weekly basis. Happy food as a concept makes sense to me when I talk to people like Alemann.

Chef’s choice

Comfort food is a term Alemann uses over again, and her most sought after dish is in this realm of edible coziness.

“[The most sought after dish is] My vegan empanadas,” she says after thinking. “People will come and order for the week. Vegetarian empanadas are around, but vegan empanadas are virtually impossible to find!”

Among other all-star dishes is the gluten free vegan cannelloni. It’s a dish she is particularly proud of because it took her 2 months to perfect without using any egg or gluten.


Pro tip: Good, Clean, Fair food choices.

Kibebe or Quibebe Pure

The Kibebe is a delicious pure is native from Misiones, Argentina, where Alemann’s father was born. This is originally made with cheese, however she uses no dairy, but replaces some of the original ingredients to get a very similar results.


Marinated Eggplants

This accompaniment takes 48 hours to make. The recipe was inherited from Alemann’s grandmother who had also inherited it from hers.  The curetting of the eggplant takes place during the 24-hour period immersed in sea salt, it is then proceeded by hand and left marinating with spices, fresh herbs, oils and vinegar.


Vegan Cheese with Fresh Herbs

The vegan cheese soaks in nuts for at least 8 hours to make sure that the texture and flavor reach their maximum capacity. By activating the nuts, Artichoke Foods wakes up all the essential ingredients and information that these beauties have to offer. In Alemann’s words, they are intaking life, sunlight and tons of love through this process.

Local artisanal shout out


Supporting local ensures our food is fresher and our city’s economy is happier. Artichoke Foods proudly sources and supports local vendors and artisans.


Local producers sourced regularly:

Albert’s Organics

Frontier Co-op

Tiny Farm


Local artisans with quality ingredients:

House of V

Pamela Wasabi

Jucy Lu


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By: Cris Ramos

Cris Ramos is a Miami native & word artist. Find her work @ The Emerald Journal.